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Solar Panel Financing Options

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You Have Options for Funding your Solar Project

You have several options when it comes to finding financing for your solar panel project, including $0 money down and low monthly payments. Markey Electric and Solar can help connect you with various lenders and leasing programs to help you finance your investment.

Solar Loans

If you plan to purchase your panels but can’t pay for the entire cost upfront, a solar loan is an ideal choice. Loan payments are available for different monthly terms. What you pay for the loan can be offset by the savings from your electricity bills. Once you have finished paying it off and own your solar panel system, you are eligible for government tax incentives.

Solar Leasing Programs

Solar leasing programs work like any other lease agreements. The owner of the solar panel system installs it on your home. In return, you arrange a deal in which you pay the owner for a specified term.

Keep in mind that if you lease your solar panels, you are not eligible for certain incentives as you are not the owner. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to turn down a leasing program. The offset between what you pay on your lease and what you save on your electric bill can be remarkable.

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