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Solar Services

Take the first step to becoming energy independent. We make it easy for you from start to finish. Put your hard earned money back into your pocket by going solar.

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Why Choose Solar for your Home or Business?

A Natural Clean Resource

We live in the golden state where we are lucky to get plenty of beautiful sunshine throughout the year. It only makes sense that we should be taking advantage of one of the most precious natural resources that mother nature has given us, solar power.

Burbank Solar Installation and Services and Surrounding Communities

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Solar Savings

Cut Your Electric Bill Drastically

Take advantage of the rebate programs available from your city. Get paid to go solar. The long-term saving includes saving money on your monthly energy bills. You get a high return on every dollar you spend from your solar investment.

Renewable sources of energy are good for your health and the planet. Improve the quality of life for yourself and everyone else.

Going solar is the new standard. More and more homes are upgrading to solar making this the new standard for generating power. Don't get left behind. Contact us for an estimate.

Find the Right Solar Electric Contractor

Markey Electric and Solar are one of the few solar electrical contractors with the specialized skills and knowledge for working on projects that involve the latest technology in solar electricity.

How it Works

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