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Phone and Internet Wiring Services

phone and internet wiringEliminate the Wire Clutter

Are you tired of having your phone, tv, or Internet wires out in the open? Not only does it look messy, but this cable clutter makes it more likely for them wear out and get damaged. Markey Electric and Solar is your phone and internet wiring electrician that will help you wire your phone and internet devices neatly and keep them out of sight for good.

Choose Markey Electric and Solar for your Phone and Internet Wiring Services

Choose Markey Electric and Solar for your phone and internet wiring solutions. Our experienced electricians can complete various types of jobs including t.v installation, telephone wiring, cabling solutions for offices and businesses, and other more sophisticated networking needs.

Our List of Services Includes

  • Telephone jack installation
  • Cable and satellite wiring
  • LCD and plasma tv installations
  • Home theater wiring
  • Wiring for new home constructions or remodels
  • Wall connections for other forms of cabling
  • And more

Our work is professional, fast, and clean. We won’t leave ugly looking patched up walls behind. Our team understands that the small details matter. Our electricians are the masters of disguise. You heard that right! They are masters at covering up your wires behind the walls so that they are entirely out of sight.

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