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LED Lighting Retrofit

An LED lighting retrofit means upgrading and changing the electrical components of the light fixtures of your home or business. There is no need to replace your current light fixtures with new ones. Many homes and buildings across Los Angele have historical value. Keeping the charm of these classic architectural styles is important. An LED lighting retrofit is the ideal way to modernize and upgrade the lighting systems of these buildings without having to sacrifice their charm. But you don’t need to be the owner of an older home or building to consider the switch to LED. Here are more reasons to do it.

Why Complete an LED Lighting Retrofit for your Home or Business?

  • Savings on Energy Bills: You can cut your monthly lighting costs by as much as 65% or even more by converting to LED lighting. LED lighting is much more energy efficient
  • Efficiency: LED lighting has a longer lifespan than other sources and is much more reliable.
  • Less Maintenance: With an LED Lighting Retrofit, you can reduce the costs and amount of maintenance.
  • Keep your Light Fixtures: Many home and business owners, may like their current light fixtures and get tired of having to replace them continuously. Replacements cost time, money, and effort. A lighting retrofit is a perfect solution to this problem.
  • Better Lighting: You get more visibility and brightness from LED lights, adding safety and security to your property.
  • Save Money: As if the savings you’ll get from monthly electric bills aren’t enough, a retrofit is much more cost-effective than replacing all of your light fixtures with new ones. Buying new light fixtures is expensive. An LED retrofit allows you only to spend on what’s necessary.

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