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Reg 4 Testing and Repairs

Reg 4 Testing

The Chief’s Regulation 4

If you’re a business owner operating in the city of Los Angeles, you should be aware of the Chief’s Regulation 4. Reg 4 is a set of rules for the testing and repair of fire safety equipment. Testing includes fire sprinklers, fire alarms, batteries, elevator operations, standpipes, fire pumps, emergency exit signs, and any related fire safety equipment.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, all fire safety equipment must be tested at regular intervals to ensure optimal safety. If any fire safety gear fails to pass a test, a business owner is responsible for getting the defective device fixed and scheduling a re-test.  If the problem involves electrical equipment you’ll need a certified electrician for the job.

Markey Electric Will Handle your Electrical LAFD Regulation 4 Repairs

Our company is certified for Regulation 4 repairs. We can quickly diagnose the problem, fix it, and re-test it to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

We handle all the details and find a solution to your problem so that you can comply with Los Angeles City Fire codes. If you’re not sure whether your regulation 4 issue is electrical-related, give us a call anyway, and we can help you figure it out.

The important thing is to take care of any malfunctioning safety equipment and fix it as soon as possible. That’s what we’ll do.

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