Do I Need a Permit to Install Solar Panels in Burbank, CA

Do I Need A Permit to Install Solar Panels For My Home?

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Do I need a permit to install solar panels

Installing solar panels is a smart choice for property owners. They will save you money on future energy costs, and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re one step closer to moving forward with your solar project, you might be asking if you need a permit for your solar panels.

Like any major home improvement project, solar panels are large-scale jobs that will require approval from local governments. Solar permitting regulations will vary from state to state, city, and county. However, for the most part, it’s doubtful that you can get away with installing your system without dealing with your city’s code enforcement office. 

So yes, you do need a permit. 

You May Need Approval from your Utility and Insurance Companies

The solar permit process is a lot like obtaining permits for other projects for your home. But you may also need the approval of your utility and insurance companies. Each may have their own conditions that you must comply with before moving ahead with your project. 

Check with both your electric company and your insurance company about any special conditions or restrictions on solar energy systems. 

Solar Panel Permit Requirements for California

Fortunately for California residents, the Golden State has been friendly with its permit requirements. In an attempt to encourage more property owners to depend on solar energy, it has facilitated its permit process

In 2015, the state adopted measures that required all cities in the state to streamline their permit process, including the number of required inspections. 

The state of California requires that your solar systems meet the following:

  • You must install your solar panels on a single-family home or duplex.
  • They must not exceed a 10KW system (alternating current nameplate rating) or a 30 KW system (thermal rating)
  • Your solar energy system must comply with all building and fire codes for your city and must not exceed the maximum building height. 

Solar Panel Permit Requirements for the City of Burbank, CA

LIke all other California cities, the city of Burbank has also streamlined its permit process for residential customers. The maximum system the city allows is for a 10Kw AC CEC rating. It must not exceed the city’s building height requirement, and you must get the approval of Burbank Water & Power. BW & P requires that you have a solar meter before you install your system. 

It’s very important that you contact Burbank Water and Power before submitting your permit application with the city. You will not be able to proceed with the process without including the right documentation. In some cases, you may have to take care of electrical issues first, which could also require electrical permits. Your application will need to include two copies of your plans as well as confirmation that you have a solar meter installed on your home. 

If your initial application is approved, it will be reviewed for building and fire safety codes. The city’s building division department will inform you if there are any violations you need to correct before your panels can be installed. 

Once an Interconnection Agreement has been established with BW & P, your permits will be available to your licensed contractor or the property owner.  Now, work can begin.

 Upon completion of the project, make sure you schedule an appointment for a final inspection. 

Planning Ahead so Your Project Gets Approval

Get an On-Site Inspection from a Professional

We highly recommend that you have a licensed electrician perform an on-site inspection to look at your home’s electrical systems. In addition to solar, Markey Electric and Solar also provide electrical services. We can assess your home’s electrical conditions to determine its solar readiness. 

Check Your City’s Permit Requirements and Apply

Find out what your city requires for solar panel projects. Each city will have its own restrictions on solar panel system size and building height limits. It’s just as important that you check with your utility company and your insurance company about their unique conditions for solar projects. 

If you’ve done your homework and obtained all the necessary inspections and approval, secure your permit before you buy your panels. 

Get Estimates for your Solar Panels

We recommend that you take care of the first two steps before getting quotes on your project. By having a permit first, you’ll know exactly the type of solar system your home will need. With this information in hand, a solar company can give you a more precise estimate. 

Install, Save Money, and Enjoy!

Once you’ve done everything else, it’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work. But it doesn’t have to be that hard for you. Markey Electric and Solar provide free solar panel quotes for all of its customers.

We do solar panel installation for both residential and commercial customers around Burbank and the surrounding Los Angeles communities. We know a thing or two about Burbank’s requirements and other cities.  So even if you haven’t inquired about your own city’s permit requirements, we can give you a sneak peek and answer any questions. 

Have any questions or want to receive a free solar panel quote? 

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