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What is Our Commitment to Commercial Solar?

To Make your Business Run Efficiently with Solar

Your business operations may run efficiently, but can you say the same for its energy consumption? Rather than budgeting for large electric bills, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t mind putting that money to better use. Let us help you with making the switch to solar energy.

Commercial Solar Power is the New Standard for the Business Sector

Markey Electric and Solar is proud to serve businesses just like yours. We have helped various types of organizations including schools and other public buildings with installing their solar energy systems. Businesses who switch to solar reap financial benefits. Extra cash flow means putting money back into the things that matter the most to your business.

Just like homeowners across the region, business in our locality of Burbank and other cities have realized that being heavily reliant on electricity no longer makes sense. Commercial solar panels have changed the way the commercial industry thinks about its energy use and its carbon footprint on our planet.

Whether you’re an office building or a manufacturer, businesses agree that it’s not only essential to cut their energy costs but to also have a positive impact on the environment. It’s smart, ethical, and just plain common sense.

Solar Panels for your Building is a Smart Business Decision

You don’t have to run the numbers to figure it out. It’s a fact that installing solar panels on your building will drastically reduce your company’s energy consumption. Our commercial solar panel systems are retrofitted with innovative technology that makes them even more reliable and efficient than others. Better technology means our systems make the most use out of the sun’s energy and your building will be even less reliant on electricity than it would on other solar energy systems.

Providing You With Expert Guidance and Professional Service

Our solar technicians have years of experience working on large-scale commercial projects, including electrical work. Our trained staff can quickly asses the size and scope of your project and present you with different options.

We dive into detail and tailor our packages to fit within all areas of your commercial property including rooftops, carports, and other spaces. We have some of the best technicians working along our side. Our solar installation process is thorough, detailed, and proven to deliver the best results.

Markey Electric and Solar can help you find lenders and programs that offer flexible financing options.

Switch Your Business to Solar Energy Today