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CONGRATULATIONS, you have just taken your first step to becoming energy independent. We make it easy for you from start to finish. Put your hard earned money back into your pocket.

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Why Choose Solar for your Home or Business?

A Natural Clean Resource

We live in the golden state where we are lucky to get plenty of beautiful sunshine throughout the year. It only makes sense that we should be taking advantage of one of the most precious natural resources that mother nature has given us, solar power.

Burbank Solar Installation and Services and Surrounding Areas

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Solar Savings

Cut your electrical bill drastically

On top of the many rebate programs available, going solar is a wise choice for many reasons. The long term savings and benefits make this an ideal option that is sure to give you a great return on every dollar spent. And as if the monetary savings aren’t enough, using renewable sources of energy is beneficial to our own health and entire ecosystem. We’ve all heard about the negative implications that traditional forms for energy like coal and gas have had on our health and environment. In fact, here at home, the Los Angeles area has been notorious for having some of the unhealthiest air in the country. Renewable energy like solar is the solution to cleaning up the air we breathe and improving our health and quality of life.

With more homes and business turning to solar power it s quickly becoming the standard norm. In the coming years solar power will become the largest source of electricity generating energy.

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